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Having completed her training professional formation in 2007, Doctor Vanessa, DDS, returned to Santa Casa de São Paulo, to work in the Oncology department, to care for financially disadvantaged patients. Among them, young people under aggressive chemotherapy treatments, with high incidence of side effects, especially oral mucositis. Oral mucositis is the destruction of the buccal mucous membrane, causing lesions similar to thrush (oral candidiasis) which hinders food and liquids intake, thereby greatly increasing the risk of infection. One day, Doctor Vanessa asked Doctor Marisa: "Aunt, would you do some charity?" So, Dr. Marisa treated a patient from Santa Casa in her private clinic. It was a young man at age 16 with a severe oral mucositis, who could barely open his mouth, but he could improve greatly with laser treatment. That was how everything started. A private client from her clinic, witnessing one of her needy clients' treatment, proposed to help. He started donating a small amount of money to buy some equipment, some medicine and also for the transportation of patients in need. From then on, Doctor Vanessa and Doctor Marisa decided to regulate the work with needy patients and created the Instituto Sorrir para a Vida. (Institute Laugh to Life) Established in July 2007 by Doctor Marisa Helena de Carvalho, DDS - who has once been a cancer patient - and by Doctor Vanessa de Carvalho Fabricio, MD, Instituto Sorrir para a Vida has been able to treat a large amount of patients who cannot afford to pay for adequate oral treatment. Our Institute offers full dental treatments, especially for oral mucositis, exclusively to low income patients (children, teenagers, adults and elderly people) who are under chemotherapy/radiotherapy treatment as a result of any kind for cancer. The Institute has 4 dentists who work on a voluntary basis for this cause. Dental treatment for all patients is accompanied by Doctor Vanessa de Carvalho, MD, specialized in oncology, who is responsible for the Institute's oncologic support. The Institute offers the following treatments: laser irradiation, surgery, endodontics, periodontics, rehabilitations, and restorations, among others. The institution receives funds from private business, individuals, sale of institutional products, promotional events, bazaars; the Institute is member of the Centro de Voluntariado de São Paulo (São Paulo's Volunteer Center) integrating the web of social organizations that believe on the transforming force of volunteer work.

Mission Vision Goals
 To give full treatment for cancer patients, improving their oral health condition; - To decrease the number of death caused by secondary septicaemia, caused by oral mucositis and other oral problems; - To assist patients and their families in all necessary aspects for the maintenance and improvement of their quality of life.  Transform the reality of cancer patients in Brazil; offer a global support for the less privileged population with cancer; minimize collateral effects resulting from cancer treatment, making available medical, dental, psychological and legal services plus welfare.  Treat needy patients of all ages who are under chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy treatment, propitiating improvement in their quality of life, by giving them a proper oral treatment.



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